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Online Shopping Tips for Women

Are you a woman who enjoys the ultimate shopping experience? Whether it’s at the mall, in a neighborhood boutique, or online, you simply enjoy the hunt of finding the best attire that makes you look and feel your personal best.

I will admit there is nothing like traditional shopping… traveling to the retail store and becoming mesmerized by the fabrics, fashioned mannequins, blooming smells of perfume under luminous lights. The opportunity to engage in a multi-sensory setting and experience a multitude of fashion designer brands is an exhilarating, overwhelming delight. But as a single, career mom, the opportunity to patiently browse in a mega department store is next to none.

Nowadays, online shopping is more traditional. Fortunately, the Internet offers thousands of online women clothing stores. It’s like having a conglomerate of global fashion designers right at your fingertips.

Although I cannot speak for everyone, I simply adore online shopping! However, there are ladies who are leery of making purchases online and have found it be a nightmare of an experience.

It’s true, online shopping comes with a myriad of challenges one being that you do not get to touch and try on garments until after shipment. Nevertheless, online shopping can be a great experience, and here are 5 surefire ways everyone should follow when shopping online:

Know Your Full Body Measurements

First, let me just ask… Please disregard the size you choose when shopping in a department store. Whether you are a size 2 or 22, it does not matter when shopping online. The key to donning a perfectly fitted outfit that makes you appear chic, polished, and classy is knowing your full body measurements. Remember, you are browsing clothing that is specifically designed for a mass-market. The fashion designer has taken great care in the choice and cut of the fabric for their garment to compliment every body type. But every garment is not created equal, so I promise you, you will not have a rewarding experience if you do not know your full body measurements.

Follow The Listed Sizing Charts

Prudent shop online tips require comparing your body measurements to the dimensions of the sizing chart for your garment of choice. Most online stores have in place sizing charts that categorize the different sizes and measurements. It is not just enough to claim that your size is small, medium, large or extra-large. After all, such classifications are not standardized, and they vary from one brand to another. It is for this reason that the sizing charts prove useful. They provide a method of converting tier sizes to determine the perfect dress size to complement your body type. As a safe measure, it is wise to consider the nature of the fabric. For instance, a garment made from 100% cotton has the likelihood of shrinking after the first wash.

Read Online Store Policies

Different online stores have varying policies and terms that guide their mode of operations. You need to go over those terms and conditions before making any purchase. Find out the terms and conditions of the sale, order placement procedures, means, terms of payments, shipment policy covering the shipping methods, delivery dates, waiting period, the refund policy, warranties, and guarantees. Another shop online tip is to check the privacy policy of the stores to ascertain that any information you provide including payment is secure. Doing so helps to eliminate undesirable outcomes in case there is any problem with your order.

Understand How The Fabric Will Fit Your Body

Even though it is important to have a perfectly fitting dress, consider how the particular material will contour to your body. As you know, we have distinct body shapes, sizes, types, and complexions. Whether full-figured and fierce or slender and statuesque, there are varying body shapes and types. You’ve heard of the typical figure types such as pear-shaped, petite, apple, triangle, athlete, and of course, hourglass. Take a look at yourself… Do you have shapely arms, waist, and/or legs? Flabby arms or well-rounded hips? A voluptuous chest? It doesn’t matter. You want to choose fabrics which complement your body. For instance, if you are tall go for silk or cotton fabrics that show your long legs. A pear-shaped lady should consider clothes that help her flaunt her curves. However, if you are the hourglass type, choose silk, leather, and satin fabrics. For the apple-shaped woman, cotton and wool fabrics will do just fine.

Verify Their Customer Service Contact Information

A final in the shop online tips is always confirmed whether the online clothing store has a customer service department with a reliable method of contacting the customer support. It is important to get this information before engaging in any transaction as it will help prevent future unforeseen problems. For instance, if the wrong color of skirt gets shipped, there are delays in shipment, or if the dress arrives in a torn or worn out state. In each of these situations, you need to know you can get in contact with the online store representatives and have your issues addressed.

Wishing you all the best in dress!

Tips to Juggle Online Money Making Opportunities

If you already know how to make money online and if you already have several money making opportunities up your sleeve, then you might find it difficult to juggle all of them together. You might be one of those people who have several side jobs on the internet and it pays to wisely manage your time as well as your efforts so you can utilize all of them to the maximum.

Now, here are some useful tips that can help you be the best online worker who can manage his time best even with a handful of online jobs.

Tip 1 – Set a fixed schedule for your various online jobs.

If you have two or more jobs on the internet, then it would be wise to set even an informal schedule for each one. You do not have to follow it as strictly as you follow an office schedule. You simply have to distribute your available time so that you can attend to all of them even in one day. For instance, you can set thirty minutes for pay per click sites, one hour to answer a few online surveys, three hours a day to write articles and some free time to manage your online store.

Tip 2 – Do not try to handle every online job that comes your way.

If you already have a handful of side jobs on the internet, you should not just grab every money-making opportunity that comes your way. If you do, then you might land on the pitfall of not being able to handle them all. In the end, the quality of your work can be sacrificed. Know which online jobs are the best or which ones you enjoy most so you can focus on them.

Tip 3 – Have your own working space at home.

When you already know how to make money online, you can sometimes get complacent with your work schedule and even your work environment. If you are working at home then some friends might drop by anytime that can lead to work disruption. Worse, working at home can make you feel lazy and unproductive. It is best to have a set workplace even at home, be it a corner or room that you as well as other people can respect.

Tip 4 – Create a tracker or monitoring sheet.

If you are handling more than five side jobs on the internet then it can be quite confusing to manage all of them. To make this task easier, you can create a monitoring sheet or tracker not just for your earnings but also for the tasks that you need to accomplish. With a tracker, you can also see if you are being productive as you expect.

Tip 5 – Delegate tasks to others, if possible.

If your work involves other people or employees, then you should not try to get all the work done by yourself. You have to remember that there are things that you have to delegate to others. If you have an online store for instance, you can ask someone to manage sending emails to clients or even delivery concerns to an employee.

Working online is not always as easy as it seems. You need to have discipline as well as resourcefulness in order to maintain a good income. Follow the above tips so you can make the most of knowing how to make money online.

Jewelry Shopping Tips

Saving money while shopping for jewelry is easier than you think especially when you are shopping online. With the development of the Internet technology, the importance and use of online shopping has increased to a great extent.

Many people now utilize the great advantage of having computers to do their shopping. After all… it is more convenient to shop at home than going to stores.

You can do shopping any time and any day that you choose and online shopping offers various discounts and sales too that are even easier and quicker to access than heading out in your car. Online shopping saves your money to great extent imagine if you had to drive around to or contact all the stores just to get a price or find out the availability of an item. It could take you hours to accomplish what you can do in minutes online.

There are great opportunities for a smart buyer to find some fabulous deals, but also the possibility of being overcharged or outright defrauded if you are not careful. The important thing you need to keep in mind while shopping online is to save money. Here are some ideas which will help you save money and meet your budget while shopping.

First decide on which product you want to buy. Once you finalise which item you want to but start browsing internet, study various blogs, articles, tweets also as people like to share information regarding various bargains they get benefited from.

Compare prices from several websites. Chances are, whatever you are looking to buy will not be the same price at every website. So note down the prices and look for a better deal on other site. Don’t be impatient and buy the jewelry right away unless you find an incredibly low bargain. If you are buying from independent sites like eBay or Amazon do read the sellers feedback before finalizing it.

Read the product details carefully, you can also familiarize yourself with common jewelry related terminology. For example make sure you understand the differences between 10 Karat gold and 14 Karat gold, Gold filled and gold plated, etc. The differences in value and quality are considerable! Check if we need to pay any extra charges in the form of any tax. Few sites provide free shipping, you can save some more if you buy from such sites.

Quiet often jewelry is discounted at least 20% to 40% at least once a year so look for such online sales. Once you do the purchase get signed up with such shopping sites and they will keep you informed about any discount scheme that they run through their newsletter. It will help for your next purchase.

Last but not the least; make sure the seller has a reasonable return policy. Even the best photographs don’t tell the whole story. Colors can vary from one computer monitor to another. It is fair and reasonable that you should have the opportunity to return your purchase if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. You will probably be responsible for paying the shipping charges.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind and browse through the online jewelry stores, you will enjoy shopping with it. Buying jewelry is a very important investment that really needs to be looked into before taking the final decision. Good luck with your next jewelry shopping!

Online Shopping Tips

The internet streamlines the way a company does business. It cuts operating costs while creating an international presence that can increase profits exponentially. But what does this mean for the consumer? It means competitive prices, a wider variety of products, a hassle-free shopping experience and a more satisfying purchase. Despite the light-years E-Commerce has come in the last half-decade, one thing seems to remain the same: the way people shop. With the emergence of different internet shopping tools, websites and widgets its still surprising that only a small percentage of online shoppers do extensive research before making a purchase. Making an informed decision is key to online shopping and should be at the top of your priority list, especially when you’re buying big ticket items.

Jewelry Shopping Aids

Jewelry, for instance, generates Billions of dollars each year for internet retailers, however only a fraction of these sales is attributed to a referral from a shopping comparison website. On the other hand, those who rely on shopping comparison websites can miss coming across better quality products at similar if not better prices from newer merchants who do not appear in those advertising channels. This is why it is very important to utilize all media at your disposal to make an informed decision. In short, do not limit yourself to natural search engine results, pricing comparison sites or widgets and apps, but use a combination of all three.

Get Educated

The amount of information you know on any given product or website is another factor that determines the outcome of any internet purchase. A successful online jewelry purchase involves understanding jewelry terminology and specifications while getting a basic understanding of precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. Without this you are unable to judge whether or not a website is being upfront about the products they are selling (i.e. is the price is too good to be true?) or if you really are getting a great quality product at a competitive price. As a jewelry connoisseur a quick browse through of a website is enough for me to determine whether or not I can trust the retailer with my personally identifiable information (credit card information, billing/shipping address and email address). Therefore, a basic understanding of jewelry helps you put up the red flags when weeding out the scamming sites from legitimate businesses trying to provide the best possible shopping experience at an affordable price.

Test Drive Before Committing

Finally, it is also important to conduct a quick audit of the website to ensure they have the E-Commerce staples. A security certificate and contact information (telephone number AND address) is important when considering to purchase from a website. I suggest sending a test email to gauge their response times and level of support offered before committing to a purchase. As for the security certificate, all online jewelry websites need to divert you to a secure page when logging in to your account, or when you are creating an account and making a purchase. If they do not, one, if not both of these is true: 1) they do not take protecting your information seriously or 2) they are not an actual online jewelry retailer. No matter which of these it may be, steer clear.

Shopping Tips for Women’s Sandals

Are you planning a special occasion? And need the perfect pair of shoes. Then you should start your search online. There are shoes for every style and occasion from sexy strappy high heel women’s sandals for party wear or a night out on the town to plain yet stylish flats for a walk on the beach. The popular one seems to be the new styles of gladiator flats that are highly comfortable yet stylish to complete your outfit and give your summer separates an exotic twist

Women’s sandals for a special occasion, does not necessary mean high heels and stilettos. There are a whole range of different styles to fit your need, although they are the first choice for fancy affairs, they would not be a fit for say a beach wedding or a company picnic. For these events you should choose a comfortable flat or wedge shoe that will still show off your fashion tastes.

And trust me there are plenty of trendy stylish ones to select from at affordable prices that will stand out in a crown.

Below are some shopping tips that will take you through some buying guidelines when shopping for footwear more easily in less time.

Search the web for the shoes your are looking for:

Heels, pumps, wedges: Stiletto, peep-toe, and more: With so many trends and styles of heels to choose from there are also many things to consider.

Short women may want to avoid T-straps and ankle straps they can visually cut off the leg and make you look shorter. However, did you know an ankle strap can actually make thick ankles look narrower by adding the coverage of the strap?

Thin stiletto heels: are very Sexy and flattering but are designed more for formal affairs such as weddings, proms, or a night out on the town. However if you are looking for that eye catching gorgeous or chic style then stiletto’s are the way to go.

For office attire: the thicker the heel, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more businesslike your overall look will be. Such as the many styles of Women’s fashion boots, ankle boots, or pumps that are available.

A tapered toe: gives a slimming look overall, but women with large feet may want to avoid very pointy shoes because they have a tendency to make your feet look even bigger. Platform Pumps with a oval-shaped toe or square toes are comfortable and fashionable and will make larger feet appear smaller:

Flats: Is the perfect footwear for the spring and summer seasons with narrow pants or cropped pants, with short skirts or long skirts. If you want to wear them with mid-length skirts, choose flats with a slight lift in the heel or a wedge heel.

Sandals are my favorite:

There’s nothing sexier than open toed women’s sandals with a cute summer dress; nothing more completely comfortable but still high fashion than a pair of funky or bold flat women’s sandals. and nothing that turns a casual outfit into something special like a pair of beautiful women’s boot sandals.

They come in several styles and show more skin on your feet, making your legs look longer. For sexy women’s sandals with heels, follow the same suggestions for pumps and high heel shoes. Then there are the casual sandals, like flip-flops, you’ll most likely want to consider whether or not the style will be comfortable and easy to wear: like the new trend gladiator style sandals.

Shopping Tips For When to Skimp

Ever since Isaac Mizrahi went from elite fashion designer to the king of sensible style for the masses at Target, other fashion designers including Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld have jumped on the bandwagon to create their own special lines for H&M and other discount chains.

That’s great news for savvy shoppers who want high style at affordable prices! By mixing a few of these frugal fashion finds with some luxury basics it’s easy to get an upscale look for less! The trick is knowing when to skimp and when to splurge.

Here are 7 shopping tips to help you do it well:

1. Splurge on a Suit
The basis for any work wardrobe is a suit. Reserve the largest part of your budget for this. The better quality the suit, the better it will make you look and the longer it will last. Choose a suit in a timeless, year round fabric like wool or wool blend. Pay a lot of attention to cut and fit in order to look polished and powerful.

2. Skimp on Accessories

One sure way to waste money is to buy expensive accessories to complete a look of the moment. You know, you buy the $600 safari sundress, the $300 safari necklace, $300 safari belt and $300 scarf to match and next season that style is out. Accessories are very important to finish a look, but be careful. It’s fine to pay top dollar for a belt you wear all the time, but don’t waste your money on an expensive belt with a short style life.

3. Splurge on the Important Basics

Skimp on cute, colorful tops and sweaters, trendy dresses and casual pants from knock-off giants like Zara, H&M or Target, but splurge on a great classic shirt, a beautiful cashmere sweater and one great white stretch T, even it means paying a higher price. The latter are investment pieces. You know the rule, figure out how much something costs and divide it by the number of times you will wear it to get the cost per wear to determine how much you should pay.

4. Skimp on Casual Shoes

Unless you’re buying shoes for work (which need to be the best quality you can find) shoes do not need to be expensive. Shop seasonal sales at stores like Saks, Neiman’s and Nordstrom for big savings. Visit designer outlet stores and discount chains for bargains on top name brands. Go often to get the best offerings. Don’t be a shoe snob. Let’s face it if you are just running around on the weekends, you don’t need to wear expensive shoes. Save your money for buying shoes when it really matters.

5. Splurge on Jeans

Many women buy pricey jeans so they can be seen wearing the label of the moment. Wrong! What’s more important is to find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, regardless of price. Get over the label thing and keep shopping until you find the perfect pair. Remember no one will be looking at your label is they’re looking at your fabulous figure in these perfectly fitting jeans.

6. Splurge on a Purse

Like it or not purses has become a statement of who you are and what you stand for. A good quality bag says volumes… Keep your eyes peeled for sales and remember if you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a quality purse choose one that is classic. Black, taupe, and cream are better choices than trendy colors like mustard or orange. Look for timeless simple details that will stand the test of time. Better one good bag than several cheap ones.

7. Skimp on Lingerie.

Final shopping tip – No need to spend full price on lingerie, unless you are hard to fit. Better to spend less and buy more often to keep your lingerie looking and feeling fresh. Beautiful, good quality Camisoles, bras and panties are everywhere at great prices. It’s always nice however to have one decadently luxurious bra and panty tucked away for special days.

Couponing Tips for Beginners

Successful couponing is easy to achieve with dedication and a basic understanding of the concept of getting the best item at the right time for the lowest price possible. For anyone who has the desire to learn couponing but is not familiar with the best process and how it works, it can be a frustrating experience. You want to do better and save more money because you know it’s possible! Others are doing it every day, but how are they doing it?

To get the maximum savings out of each coupon that you use, you have to know the exact right time to use it. Couponing experts will always tell you not to use a coupon for an item unless that item is on sale. A sale is an already reduced price and sometimes it is significantly lower than what the product retails for. Adding a coupon to that reduced price means that you are purchasing the product at maximum savings and sometimes even for free.

The best way for a beginner to be successful and receive their first significant savings is to follow a very simple method that some of the veteran couponers have been using for years. Take a very close look at the circulars for stores in your area. These circulars are full of items that the store has chosen to put on sale that week. Compare the store items to your coupons and match them up for maximum savings on that item. Some stores have the same items on sale in any given week so be sure to look and see which one is actually the better deal when combined with your coupon.

Most manufacturers’ coupons are printed in the Sunday newspaper inserts from SmartSource, RedPlum and Proctor and Gamble. If you are not interested in starting a stockpile of items that your family uses on a regular basis, then one or two of each of these inserts every week will be sufficient for your needs. Although, you will only receive maximum savings on a certain number of products each week and anything else that you have to purchase will not be at the maximum reduced price.

Stockpiling isn’t as evil as some people make it out to be. It really just depends on your reasoning behind it, the quantity that you keep on hand and how much you paid for it. This is a personal decision that you will have to make for yourself but to make the couponing system work at the maximum level of savings; you’ll need to keep certain products on hand so you will never pay full price for them again.

Developing an organizational system is extremely important when you are a serious couponer. Coupon binders, creating files of uncut coupon inserts and keeping a list of each shopping trip are just a few of the organization tactics that some serious couponers utilize. You can try any of these that you want and feel comfortable with. You can even come up with your own organizational system that works best for you.

Couponing can save your family serious money every year. When used to purchase items such as groceries that your family needs and is going to be buying anyway, couponing is similar to having an unconventional savings account. For every dollar that you save by couponing, that dollar can be spent on something else your family needs or tucked away for a rainy day.

Extreme Couponing Tips

One of the most common ways to save money on your grocery bill every month is by using manufacturer’s coupons collected from the Sunday newspaper. People are saving hundreds of dollars a month by simply taking the time to collect and cut these coupons out. It can be time consuming but doesn’t have to be and the rewards are more money in your bank account while still creating healthy and great tasting meals for your family.

Extreme couponing is a full time job. People spend many hours a day searching for and collecting coupons from many different sources. Dumpster diving, asking friends and family, writing companies and searching the internet for printable coupons are the daily activities of an extreme couponer. These are the people that will save thousands of dollars a month but unfortunately for those of us that work full time with families there usually isn’t enough time in the day to perform these extensive tasks

Luckily there are coupon cutters that will do the work for you for a small fee. These individuals collect coupons from many different sources and offer them for you to purchase for a handling fee. It is illegal to sell coupons so you have to remember, they are not selling the coupons to you. You are paying them a small fee for the time that it takes for them to put your coupons together and send them to you. These services are extremely valuable if you would like to become an extreme couponer but don’t have the time to collect the coupons that you want. Handling fees vary but can be as low as 6% of the coupon’s face value.

Matching up the coupons for the best deals is another time consuming task for the extreme couponer. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to take 15 minutes to examine a sale ad when it arrives and circle the deals that you are interested in. Match up the coupons with the deals for each store that you plan to visit. Write on the ad how many coupons you have, the value and the final price of the item. This will help you determine the savings you will receive as well as know how many of that particular item you need to put into your cart. It will also help you determine the amount that your bill will come to so you know how much cash you need to have on hand for your trip.

When you do your shopping you will want to have your store ad, your coupons and a list of everything that you intend to purchase that day that isn’t on sale. This will help keep you focused in the store and cut down on impulse purchases that can easily lure you in. If you don’t have a coupon for it and it isn’t on your list, don’t buy it. Stick to that one rule and it will help you immensely in the long run.

Following these few simple tips will help you get the most out of your couponing experience and put you on the right track for your successful savings in the couponing world.