Get Traffic to Your Online Store Using a Blog

Imagine setting up a store along a stretch of a busy street, but no one walks in.  It’s like setting up a shop in the middle of a desert where there’s really no one at all.

It’s the same for an online store built within the crowded information highway, otherwise known as the Internet.

There are a variety of ways to get people to visit your online store.

In this article, we will talk about getting traffic to your online store for free using a blog.

1. Create a Blog Using WordPress

First, an online store is typically a web page with products neatly displayed in columns and rows. If your online store is not as famous as Amazon, you will need an extra element to get customers in.  That’s where a store blog can help.

I recommend installing a blog with WordPress, as it has  many features that will help a small business be seen on the Internet. By the way WordPress is free.

2. Install Useful WordPress Plugins

A WordPress blog on its own is just a pure text and image update system. As a business, you want your blog to be seen by as many people as possible.

I recommend WordPress because of its many free plugins that will enhance its features. Plugins are small, easy-to-install programs, for adding new features to a WordPress blog.

The most useful plugins would be those that improve the blog’s search engine optimization, implement social bookmarking buttons and integrating Facebook sharing functions.

The best place to be seen on the internet is on Google Search Engine because of its popularity.  Getting your blog listed on Google Search Engine is where we do search engine optimization, social bookmarking and Facebook sharing.

3. Write Informative Articles

Your blog must be filled with useful content that your target market will like.  Write informative articles and tips related to your products. Do not blatantly sell your products.

Give step-by-step solutions to problems your potential customers face.  Slowly introduce your products that will help them solve their problems faster or better.  Include a link to your online store at the end of each article.

4. Post Product Videos On YouTube

Video paints more than a thousand words. Record a product demonstration. Show the product in action. If it is an ebook, take a few screen shots and compile them into a video. If your product is a software, record screen captures on video while you use the software.

You don’t have to be in the video. You don’t even have to speak. Most video editing software allow you to create texts to explain the visuals. Post the video to your YouTube account.  Embed the videos in your blog posts.

5. Social Bookmark Every Blog Post

As mentioned earlier, we have the social bookmarking buttons installed into your WordPress blog. Those are for readers to bookmark your useful posts.

Introduce only one product for each blog post. Leave another product to the next post.

After completing a post, submit it to  social bookmarking sites. The most effective sites that will bring traffic are Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon.

6. Use Blogger for Extra Exposure

Blogger is another free blogging site that gets the attention of Google very quickly.  For every WordPress post, write a synopsis on a Blogger account and link back to your WordPress blog post or online store.

Blogger belongs to Google, so naturally Google will promote its own site on its own search engine.

If you do not have a Blogger and YouTube account, open one now.

7. Share Your Posts On Facebook

While we do all we can to get our online store blog to be seen on Google, we cannot ignore the huge traffic that can come from Facebook.

The amount of traffic that you can generate from Facebook depends on the number of friends you have and how proactive your friends are in sharing your posts.

That’s where the Facebook sharing functions come in. Make it easy for readers to share your blog post which they think is interesting. Chances are their friends will in turn share with their friends, hence creating a viral effect.

There you are, seven things to do to get traffic to your online store for free by creating a useful blog and sharing your blog posts with social media.