‘Ancelotti’ shout was misinterpreted. After the interview

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Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti says his words were misinterpreted. After being at risk of being banned for criticizing the referee in the game against Girona,

“White King” drew with Girona with a score of 1-1 last weekend. They took the lead from Vinicius Junior before the referee gave the penalty and Christian Stuani equalized in the 80th minute

. However, Ancelotti

insists the term has been misinterpreted. and he spoke innocently without intent to be bad for the referee

“They made a formal complaint for what I said,” he told UFABET during his pre-match press conference against Celtic.

While the club believe the manager can wipe off his shoulders and walk freely, one cannot help but feel that the notion is overly optimistic. After all, Jose Gaya faced the same four-game sanction in August when he criticised the officials.

“‘rigore inventato’ in Italian means that they give a penalty that shouldn’t be. I have no bad intentions or to accuse the referee.”

“I have never disrespected the referee. I’m just saying what everyone thinks. I’ve been on the bench for 1,200 games so if I miss four games it’s not a problem

. based on what they explained to us at the beginning of the season. It suffices to say that this was a mistake. No one is flawless.”