‘Carragher’ chasing Qatar for hosting WC mid-season

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Celebrity guru Jamie Carragher has criticized Qatar for hosting the World Cup mid-season. Because it allows players to face injuries that may lead to major tournaments,

Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min is the latest player to win fitness before the World Cup. The Cup begins in the next three weeks, the

Kimchi striker suffered an injury during the 2-1 win over Marseille in the Champions League group stage on night. Which has to wait to check the symptoms, Carragher said: “I think it is extremely shameful that the World Cup is in this state. For many reasons,” “Qatar It was corruption, we knew that at the time.”

“They held a campaign in the summer. But there’s no way to host a World Cup in the summer with that kind of weather. and moved into a situation that is now mid-season instead.” the UFABET report

“A footballer who has spent his whole life dreaming of playing at the World Cup. and now may be injured As we have seen with Son and other players around the world

, Varane cried out from Stamford Bridge,

showing how close we are to playing at the World Cup. – 14 days will make the players starve to the World Cup That shouldn’t happen.”

“It all started with FIFA. Let Qatar organize the World Cup. and then moved the time I think it’s extremely disgusting.”