Crystal Palace have yet to agree a new contract with Zaha.

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Crystal Palace and Wilfried Zaha are not yet close to agreeing a new contract. After the club made a beautiful offer for him to consider.

The news highlights Palace’s concerns that Zaha may be planning a free transfer when his contract expires at the end of the season

. Zaha will freely discuss a move when that date. January 1, when he will be able to sign a pre-contract with a foreign club. And now there seems to be no sign that a new contract will be agree. Before the end of the year.

Negotiations for a new Zaha contract have already taken place. With Palace believe to have not yet officially submitted a contract, but a large contract was discussed during the talks.

The salary increase is more than the current Zaha earns a total of £130,000 a week. This will become the largest contract in the history of the club.

Negotiations between the two sides are open and it remains to be seen if an offer will be upgraded to Zaha’s consideration to expedite a deal.

Even so, there are doubts as to whether Palace are ready to raise an offer higher than what they’ve made their players consider

, so Palace are concerned that hopes of keeping Zaha could be reduced, despite both. Teams and players have improved under Patrick Vieira and the glamorous offers have been made. The UFABET report

Palace have succeeded in keeping Zaha since signing him back. Joined the team on a permanent basis in February 2015, despite several teams being in the news.

The accusation that he couldn’t play at the top, having been given a few chances at Manchester United, left him unsatisfied and interested in the chance to prove himself again. Free transfers give him more chances to make those transfers.

The 29-year-old has been attracted by a number of clubs in recent times, with Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur

having their best season yet. playing for Palace last season scoring 15 goals in all competitions. He has scored six goals in 11 games this season.