Elliott is confident in Nunez ‘s future with liverpool

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Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott thinks Darwin Nunez is improving and will definitely become a key man for the club.

Uruguayan national team striker Has performed well for the “Reds” this season, but the main problem that many have noticed is his sharpness in finishing.

Elliott said of playing with Nunez, stating: “Seriously. You don’t even have to look up!”

“You know where he’s going to be and many times the ball goes to him.” ” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

It’s all a credit to him. He is an amazing player and he has helped us in many moments. He has scored some very important goals for us this season. Including since he moved to the team ′′ ′

′ He never complained. In some matches he may not score but he gives 110%. That’s everything we can ask for from him. He is improving step by step. And we’re very happy with him.”

“I think now the whole world has seen it. First of all, moving to another country was very difficult for him. But he had to move to a country where he didn’t know the language.”

“Now he is responsible for learning English. And you can now talk to him. Which is really great ′

′ We have to give him every credit. Now he will definitely continue his work and show the wo