‘Kroos’ reiterated his hopes to hang at the Real Madrid

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Technical Midfielder Tony Kroos Confirmed wanting to hang up his boots with Real Madrid, but do not know when. And revealed that he will negotiate a new contract with the club early next year , the

32-year-old is still a key figure in the middle. “White King” continued This season, he has played 16 games in all competitions, helping the team to stay at the top of both La Liga and the group stage. Champions League,

however, the German player’s contract is expiring next year. and if the contract has not been renewed He will be able to agree to move to football for teams outside Spain. Since January,

Wednesday night, Madrid are preparing to open home for Celtic in the Champions League group stage final match. And during an interview before the game, Kroos was asked about his future at the Santiago Bernabeu:

“My body feels great. And I’m super happy.”

“Sometimes I read about my future and it’s funny. Because even I don’t know what’s going to happen.

” Or this year, during the World Cup break. And then I decide what to do next

. And I will hang up my boots in Madrid, but the only thing I don’t know is when to hang up

my boots. And we’ll see each other next year. But both myself and the club remain calm… We’ll be discussing this in January, February, or maybe we’ll have to wait until March.” the UFABET report

because I do n’t feel that way!” Will the four Champions League affect him?

“It’s an individual decision, we value different things, I never asked Modric what to do next. because he was old enough to know same as me”