Spalletti defends Donnarumma not being held accountable.

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Luciano Spalletti the coach of the Italian national team confirmed that. Gianluigi Donnarumma will continue as a starter despite heavy pressure from football fans.

Donnarumma was criticize for his performance in Italy’s 1-1 draw with North Macedonia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Which was Spalletti’s first game in charge of the team. Causing the former coach Napoli was asked if there would be any changes to the goalkeeping position for Tuesday’s game against Ukraine.

“He will be a starter. He was make a scapegoat. Because he has outstanding ability to develop himself to this point quickly. So it’s normal to make some mistakes.” UFABET

“But it’s about ability. You must also respect the quality of your competitors. Otherwise, it will become too arrogant.”

The last time Italy play at the San Siro. Donnarumma was booed throughout the game. So Spalletti was asked about the atmosphere at the stadium in Milan they will face. It’s not just the goalkeeper from Paris Saint-Germain.

“We have to react in every way area of ​​the field”

“Sometimes we respond in strong ways, through behavior, words or even inaction. We have to respond with what we can get.”

“I have nothing to ask from the fans at San Siro. We deserve good behavior from them. I’ve watched some Italian games at San Siro. And the fans have always support the team.”

“We have to earn that. The fans have always show their participation. And I thank them in advance.”