‘Vieira’ ‘Ronaldo’ is an idol – his style is like ‘Messi’

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Arsenal midfielder Fabio Vieira has revealed that Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the inspirations for his career

. Moved from Porto to join Arsenal last summer. Has never played alongside Ronaldo in the Portuguese national team. But revealing that the Red Devils striker was one of his most influential figures

, Vieira praised Ronaldo for inspiring other players with his dedication to

Ronaldinho football. Ronaldo has had a difficult time at Old Trafford this season. Scoring just three goals in 14 appearances and being mostly used as a substitute.

“The two people who have had the greatest influence on me are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi,” Vieira said. The UFABET report

“Ronaldo is not because he is Portuguese. But he is actually someone who inspires others with his work attitude, the way he leaves his home and his comfort zone to sign for Spurs. ‘

Ronaldo has endured a difficult campaign at Old Trafford so far this season, registering just three goals in 14 appearances for Erik ten Hag’s side. 

Messi has more to do with my style of play, I am similar to Messi and admire the way he plays

. I met Ronaldo, I met him at the gym at the national team camp, and again recently at Manchester United, he’s always giving support and advice to young players.