Potter reveals ‘Mendy’ will continue guarding posts, ‘Zakaria’ may get off

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter revealed that Kepa Arrizabalaga Has a sore foot pain, can’t watch the post against Dinamo Zagreb, is a chance to return to Edouard Mendy and say Denis Zakaria may have made his debut. Mendy

hasn’t been on the field since. Knee injury in August During that time, Potter came in as the new manager and sent Kepa down to guard the post.

Kepa’s form made Potter impressed with every match. Since starting at Stamford Bridge, although Mendy has returned from injury.

However, on Saturday in the 4-1 defeat by Brighton, Kepa only played 45 minutes with an injury problem and had to have Mendy come on instead.

Mo Zagreb in the Champions League group stage final which they guarantee through to the finals

“Kepa will not be named in this game. Because of a slight problem on the soles of the feet Expect to have to rest for several days. But tomorrow he can’t come down for sure.” The 47-year-old manager updated the team before the game. The UFABET report

“We have to be careful with Kovacic’s shin but tomorrow he can play, Koulibaly has trained and is part of the squad,”

Potter was ask further about Mendy

. I had a good conversation with Mendy, he’s a great guy. Be a top professional “

He was already injured when I came here, so Kepa played and Kepa did well.”

“Mendy, honest and professional enough. to know that perhaps he needed to work hard with patience To support the team including Kepa and that’s what he does.”

“We couldn’t have asked for more from Mendy. And he made sure he was ready to play, he trained well and kept his standards very high, now he’s got his chance.

Not only between Mendy and Kepa, but all positions of the team. “

Because that means our team is competitive, we have a lot of good players pushing each other to improve each other. And that only benefits the team.”

Denis Zakaria hasn’t played for a second since being loaned out from Juventus in the summer and Potter was asked. about this

” I think I’ve mentioned Zakaria before. And he trains well and has always supported his teammates.”

“Of course he was disappointed that he didn’t play. Like every footballer But until last weekend We did well with both results and performances,

but tomorrow Zakaria will have a chance to play, he’s in the squad. So we’ll have to wait and see.”